Our Story

Birthed out a of a passion to see efficient use of existing resources, we seek to bring communities together to solve some of the world’s biggest problems such as congestion, pollution, and social well-being.

We believe that by connecting people to people and collaborating our skills and giftings we can all contribute to experiencing a better world, and continue to build together.

Unlike ride-hail services, you can now value-add your planned journeys with true ride-share. Wayyd offers the world's first truly frictionless 100% market driven peer-to-peer platform, in the private carpool commute space.  We put you in control and enable a better way to your destination

The underlying philosophy

Our underlying philosophy has been that we want people to have full freedom to make their choice as to who they travel with, in what manner, and at the price that makes sense for them. Echoing this, we have created one of the world’s first true peer-to-peer transportation platforms.

Our points of difference

There are enough ride-hail services out there, but they do not solve the day-to-day transit requirements for Monday to Friday journeys, as well as pre-planned one-off journey requirements.

This is where we are different.

You can now have certainty and a set budget for your pre-planned journey needs for work, study, or leisure – for most this is simply not possible with existing ride-hail services at an affordable price.

Wayyd enables you to find a Driver who is already going your way at similar times.

Since this is a cost sharing (not profit making) activity, anyone can drive, within the restrictions of their licence.  Similarly, there is no requirement for any additional insurances, as this is a true peer- to-peer private arrangement between the driver and the passenger.  Much like giving friends or family a lift, and splitting the cost.

What’s more, the Driver has an onus to be on time, and the cost will be closer to public transport pricing as they are not going out of their way to pick you up. Although your schedule will be set, you can opt-out at any time of journeys you can't make, or cancel the entire reservation.

Not only can you now get to your destination in the comfort of a car at an affordable price, you can also be more productive on your journeys, enhance community, and contribute to reducing pollution and congestion.

Wayyd uses the same interface for both the driver and the passenger, so there is no need to download and maintain separate apps for both activities.

The future

We endeavour to continue to be market-leaders in true peer-to-peer transportation services. We also believe in the freedom of the individual to choose – so whilst our door-to-door peer-to-peer solution is paramount, we are working towards an inter-modal solution with one payment gateway for you to be able to manage your one-off journeys.

In the inter-modal solution you will get several options to choose for your journey, including various ride-hail services, public transport options, and also biking or walking, and/or a combination of them – all coordinated via Wayyd.

We welcome you on this exciting journey to make the world a better and more efficient place.

Wayyd – Your way. Your destination.