Safety Declaration

I, the Sender (User), hereby agree that:
  1. I have verified and can confirm the contents of the goods which I am sending.
  2. I meet the legal requirements for ownership and possession of said goods.
  3. If I am sending any dangerous or prohibited/restricted goods or incendiary devices etc., I am deeming that the Operator transporting the goods has all the required licences and certifications.
  4. All goods are classified, packaged, marked, and labelled/placarded, and are in all respects in proper condition for transport according to applicable International and National Governmental Regulations.
  5. I acknowledge that if the article I am sending is carried by air, that it will/may be subject to aviation security and clearing procedures, and I declare that in such a case it does not contain any dangerous or prohibited/restricted goods, explosive, or incendiary devices.
  6. A false declaration is a criminal offence.

I, the Courier (Operator), agree that:
  1. I have inspected all goods which I am transporting.
  2. I have the required licences and certifications to possess and transport the goods which I am carrying for the Sender (User).
  3. A false declaration is a criminal offence.